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§§§Windows XP 64-bit Edition - Installation Howto§§§

Windows XP 64-bit Edition - Installation Howto

I had done some experiments with the beta version when it came out but unfortuneately there was a lack of drivers for all my hardware at that time. Just a few days ago when I decided to clean up my system and install it from scratch (it had grown over the past years and become slower and slower) I thought it might be a wise idea to give the 64-bit edition a try. Note that I optained my copy via the MSDN Academic Alliance program.

However, this is the hardware I have in my machine:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ with 2.1 Ghz (overclocked, usually 2.0 Ghz)
Asus K8V deluxe Mainboard
Creative Audigy 2 Platinum EX
Leadtek Winfast A6600 GT (NVidia GeForce 6600 GT)
Logitech Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

2 common IDE hard drives

problems and solutions

There have actually been no real surprises during installation, everything went perfectly right. The only time I really had a problem was finding a driver for my on-board network adapter.
It's said to be a 3Com Gigabit Ethernet Adapter 3c940 but drivers I used with the beta version of Windows XP 64-bit did no longer work. I finally found that the drivers for Marvell Yukon Gigabit Adapter do actually work. I attached the zip file to this page.
Nvidia offers a driver package for XP 64 for some time now and even Creative supports you with drivers and the Media Source Player Software for 64-bit.
So far so good. I then had to learn that Logitech up to know (23rd of February '06) doesn't offer their MouseWare driver and iTouch Software for 64-bit Windows. (newer Hardware is supported) Fortuneately the devices work very well with standard drivers though some functionality is missing. My Logitech Joystick and Gamepad are however supported. Although the Standard Drivers for Mainboard related hardware do work I found some up-to-date drivers on the Via Arena.

Most of the software I used works with the new Windows, just my F-Secure Anti-Virus had to be replaced. I now use ClamWin. Of course the version of XP 64 available is in english (which is ok for me but may probably be a problem for others) so I looked for upgrade and , surprisingly, you can download the Multi-language User Interface to add german and other languages to XP 64.

German MUI Pack(iso) from Microsoft

Furthermore I do have to use many software that's still 32 bit but it works great, even the few games I tried. OpenOffice, no problems. If I encounter some trouble I'll leave a note here. One thing I haven't tried yet but that's said to no longer work are 16-bit apps. There are some ancient DOS Games that ran under 32 bit XP that will no longer work no as far as I understood the new technique. 32 bit Apps that use a lot of memory will run a little faster due to the improvement made to Windows. I cannot really say whether that's true, because it is a really tidy system now and all my programs do ran quite smoothly and much faster than before. ;-)

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