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anchor action manual

"anchor action"
author: DotMG <m.randimbisoa@dotmg.net>
Parameters :
§ name : name of anchor to set
§ target : name of an anchor to go to
§ text : Text to be displayed on link to anchor, optional
§ title : optional, a code <> without the parameter text will
display between tags <a> and </a> the value of parameter title, if set, when defining
. (see usage).
§ h3 : Dispaly a <h3></h3> tag after the anchor newly set, all link to that anchor without
the parameter text will have h3 as caption.
§ special : if this parameter is set, its value should be one of "table_of_contents" or "usage"

> parameter name goes with title or h3, should not be used with parameter target.
> parameter target goes with text.

Special use :
. <> : Display a list of anchors having the parameter h3 set.
. : Show this help.

Usage :
=> <a name="top"></a>
Top of page => <a href="#top">Top of page</a>
Back to top => <a href="#top">Back to top</a>


=> <a name="paragraph1"></a><h3>Introduction</h3>
Introduction => <a href="#paragraph1">Introduction</a>
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