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Well, I'm not sure if all cities in this future look alike or have similar aspects but probably not that much since they all evolved over time and were not suddenly destroyed and rebuild. Same with the special city in the story. There are two main ideas:

  1. The earth surface is very much destroyed or at least damaged so that nobody would like to (or would be able to) live there any more. That's why the cities need to somehow rise into the air where it's still clean. That could be achieved by simply building higher building or even build on top of existing buildings or simply make the city fly. My idea is that the city may be build on several platforms that actually fly using some hover engine or magnetic field that works against the magnetic field of the earth. Those plattforms are round or ovals and they are interconnected with dynamic streets, lifts, probably even trains or something similar. The center of the city is located on the highest platforms while the platforms keep descending in high when you come to the borders. The platforms are however not fixed in position but they do actually move in space. Maybe there are big and small platforms, maybe private people and rich man move their platform to get to other cities or they just dock on certain sites of a city. The border plattforms however, since they are nearer and nearer to the surface, might at some point be build on to the surface and not hovering. Those are the ghettos and the places where probably the poor people live (air's not that clean there, away from the city centre, social environment projects that) and where the dark places are located while the centre should be what city centres (at least in the big cities) are nowadays: a place for business, to go shopping, expensive skyscrapers and so on.
  2. Since small cities might not be able to afford such great expenses to create the environment I described they might probably join up with bigger cities and so those megacities consist of the former cities that existed around there. Old buildings might have been transported from their original place to one of the platforms while other remainders of the cities stayed where they were and now exist underneath the new cities like ghost towns and lifeless deserts probably destroyed by the teeth of time.

This is very much the scenario I have in mind although there is room for local disparities (european cities -I think this city should be european- look different from asian or american cities, and sometimes, if there is still clean land on earth'S surface there is a crop ring outside the cities where people live apart from the city life and grow vegetables or do farming and stuff. That would be the case for this city, since Jack, the main protagonist, originally comes from one of these place into the city.

These are some quick-and-dirty schemes I tried to draw. Sorry for this but it wouldn't have looked more interesting if I would have done it by hand...

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