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StoneFox is one of the biggest players in computer security busines and originally was a hacker before he became a 'suit'. For him the hacker identity and commercial success never contradicted themselves which was considered very atypical by his pals. He therefore used his capacities to build a company and lead it to the top of security software industry. Most of his hacker friends turned their back on him afterwards but at the same time his sophisticated hacks and his hacking-style grew into urban myths and became a legend especially among young hackers. This could never be dropped from the hacker society and so helped to liberate hackerdom from the idea of non-commercialism in certain domains. However more radical groups still don't accept engagement in business affairs by hacker even nowadays. Over the years StoneFox moved into the background and at one point, you could not be sure whether news about him were true, partly right or completely made up. There are plenty of crazy stories where he should be involved in. Some people also say that he's dead already.

The truth is that StoneFox is of course very alife but he withdrew from active business to enjoy is wealth. He likes to remain covered and anonymous but the way he lives is very egocentric. He still is one of the best in his domain and he knows how to purposefully use those abilities. E.g. he keeps an eye on certain events, observes people and collects informations in an almost old-fashioned hacker manner. For Leech (who doesn't know him personately but heard a lot about him) he leaves his hideout to become active and take part in the game.

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