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Meine Heimseite startet hier.
I am nerdier than 77% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Für das Seminar Internetarbeit gibt es hier: FragebogenBrainstorming
Für die LV Computerspiele I: InteractiveStorytelling
Für Media Studies: MediaStudiesNotizen

Für acagamics: Puppeteer
My Reading Cloud: MyReadingCloud

Meine kleine Science-Fiction-Welt Hacker's Guide. Under Development! Konstruktive Kritik ist willkommen.
(nicht direkt editierbar, Sorry!)

Windows XP 64-bit How-To
How to boot Fedora Core 5 Installation through a Debian PXE Server


Virtueller Schmierzettel

short story: BackHome BackHomeEng

LMCToDo enthält die Aufgaben, die an meinem LinuxMusicCenter anstehen. Das ist im Grunde ein Datenbank-gestütztes Web-Interface, welches eine Musiksammlung verwaltet. Basiert primär auf get_id3, ein sehr geiles sourceforge-OpenSource-Projekt.

Medienalltag Ein Ansammlung von Infos für das Seminar

English Welcome

A big HI! to all of you not speaking the wonderful german language. *g*

This is simply what people use to call there homepage, but it's also part of my wiki, which makes it easy for me to change stuff from whereever I want to and easy for you to comment on it.
There are some informations about me and some pictures (not showing me but more interesting things). And there are some stories I wrote, some of them are in english, just in case you're bored and want something to read. Yepp, I think that's all for now. Have fun!

--yodahome 20:54, 26. Mär 2005 (CET)


I've put together a little page about me being at the moby release party on March 18th. It was so cool!!

Here you find the latest changes

I've actually made some improvements to the wiki software and due to the variety it might be possible that in some cases the xhtml 1.0 standards or css are violated. Though I check for that regularly please inform me if you encounter any errors concerning the conformity.

This WikkaWiki has been extented with some actions and additional code which adds features not explained in the main documentation.

Useful pages: FormattingRules, WikkaDocumentation, OrphanedPages, WantedPages, TextSearch.
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