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Using PXE to boot FC5 via network

My problem was that I wanted to install FC5 on my Laptop but the boot cd did not work correctly. So I tried to use PXE on my Debian Server and to boot the laptop via PXE.


You need to make sure your desired client system allows PXE Boot via bios (there should be an option to enable this). You might be able to use a already installed grub to compensate the lack of this functionality but I didn't research further into this.

On the Server:

I already have a dhcp server running. It's dnsmasq which offers combined dhcp/dns functions. Therefore I didn't want to use dhcp3 or comparable. There is a nice package called PXE on debian (I used sarge) that will tell you to install atftp, a tftp server needed and syslinux which provides boot images. Install those two and the default dhcp server if you need to.

To enable PXE support in dnsmasq you need to edit /etc/dnsmasq.conf and add this line:

dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0,{name of the tftp server},{ip of the tftp server}

to be continued



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