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Moby in concert - 18. März

(I'm sorry for the germans, this one is in english): I went to one of the quite rare Moby Gigs in Europe he made because of the release of his new Album "Hotel" which btw I think is fantastic.

Though it was really hard for my sister and me to get to Berlin in the first place (which is a really fun story I'm NOT going to spread boredom with right now), it was my first Moby concert and it was so terrific, although we missed some songs due to our lateness.
I always considered Moby songs to sound much cooler when he plays them live and I watched some shows with him on tv but... 'oh my god' ... seeing it for real was awesome...

I took some pictures and shot some really short movies (without sound to save disk space). I just post them here without more comments so you can watch 'em, love 'em, hate 'em.

That directory does not exists (or it could be a file!)

This one is a Quicktime movie file, about half a minute. It's the smallest of the files (without recompression though), that's why I put it up. In case I manage to compress the other ones, I'll put them up here.


More Infos on Moby at http://moby.com (visit the boards!) and stuff about the new Album on http://mobyhotel.com
Ein deutsches Forum gibt's unter http://www.moby-forum.de
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