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The basic pattern for the thirteen episodes are the books "Der kleine Vampir"(the little vampire) and "Der kleine Vampir zieht um"(the little vampire moves in) written by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. The script for the series was done by Richard Nielsen and differs in some parts from the original books' story.

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the chapters (episodes)

1st episode
The story starts at the graveyard, deeply under the earth. There we find a very bored vampire sitting on the floor who is forced by uncle ludwig to fly out tonight. During his flight he passes a gym and it is here where he sees Anton Bayers. He, too, is in a bad mood, because since his friend Teddy Kaspar moved away, nothing he does is really cheering him up. He spends the evening alone at home because his parents go out. But when he gets up at night to fetch himself a glass of juice and gets back to his room the little vampire flies in. At first Anton is very afraid and the vampire rages through the room but then they introduce themselves. Rudiger is the name of Anton's nightly visitor and although Anton has a strange feeling about him he is also very interested in some way. The vampire is especially fascinated by Anton's books about vampires and so they begin to talk. But there are already problems because Mrs Perkins, the neighbour, who should look after Anton, comes in and Rudiger has to hide under the bed. Shortly after that Anton's parents come back home and Rudiger flies back to his home taking Anton's "Dracula"-book with him. At the same time at the local airport there is a strange man who came from Europe and is checking in. As he explains to the customs officer he is a cemetery inspector and he searches for... VAMPIRES!! Later that night Rudiger returns and wants to see Anton's parents. When Mr Bayers moves, the vampire is frightened and throws a lamp onto the floor while he runs out into Anton's room. There he grabs Anton and flies through the window...

2nd episode
Inside the vault uncle ludwig explains some vampire-history because he saw Rudiger reading the Dracula-book...
Anton is sitting in his room and paints a vampire when his mother comes in. Then she drives away for selling a house near the cemetery. The customer, a very strange person as Mrs Bayers says, is no one else than Geiermeier, who immediately hangs up garlic all over the house... for protection. After she returnes home Mrs Bayers helps her husband, who changes the light bulb in the corridor. During this procedure she hurts her ankle that hard that she can hardly walk. Because of this she cannot go out this evening as she had planned and stays at home with Anton. It seems like Ruediger's visit in the evening is not situated under a good star... After he first knocked on the window, Anton persuades him to return through the front door so that his mother doesn't get suspicious.
Ruediger brings a second vampire cape for Anton with him and tries to teach Anton how to fly. While they practize in Anton's room Mrs Bayers recognises the noise and wants to look, what is going on. Fortuneately Ruediger notices her in time and is able to hide in the wardrobe! But Mrs Bayers wants to get to know the strange guest by all means. Because of this Anton needs to keep her away with a bunch of excuses. That was a near thing, so Ruediger leaves Anton after that but he continues practizing and screws in the light bulb of the corridor lamp. When he drinks tea together with his mother she tries to question him about his new friend but she doesn't get to know anything. She doesn't even know why the lamp works again...
Near the cemetery there is Geiermeier making loud music inside his house and he celebrates the forthcoming victory. Uncle Ludwig listens to him and can hardly trust his eyes (and ears). After so many years there is again a Geiermeier catching the traces of vampires and he knows, that this will bring up great problemes.

3rd episode
Geiermeier is preparing everything for the chase for vampires. Antons' parents go out again and don't want to leave Anton alone, because of the strange circumstances ;-). Effi Perkins (in the book she's 14 years old, but the actress seems to be a bit "older" ) shall do the baby-sitting, which is a disaster for Anton, because he can't stand Effi. In the evening Rudiger comes to Anton for flying with him to the tomb. After a thorough nightflight and after they avoided meeting Geiermeier, they get into the tomb. Hopefully the vampires are flown out! Unfortunately not all because Aunt Hildegard is still in her casket and wants to open it!! Rudiger pushes Anton into his casket and he lies down above him. Aunt Hildegard flies away. After this shock they leave the tomb and while flying home they visit the party, where Antons' parents have gone. Finally Anton scares sleeping Effi when he uses his cape to fly under the ceiling...

4th episode
Anton awakes late in the morning and meets his father in the bathroom, who still has a hangover because of the party yesterday. His mother has been awake for a longer time and sews something black... Anton has to see, that she washed the vampire cape. After the lunch Anton goes to the graveyard with the cape, but on the way he is stopped by his dad in the car, who asks if he could drive him. He gets rid of him, when he sees Cyril. But he's just questioning him and they part quickly. At the graveyard Anton tries to fly with the cape, but it doesn't work. He's caught by Geiermeier, who tells him not to behave like that at the graveyard, but he doesn't see the cape. Cyril followed Anton and takes him the cape away. For that reason they have a little battle, which is stopped by Geiermeier. Now he sees the cape and recognises it because of the smell, although it has been washed. Geiermeier's attention directs to Anton so Cyril can escape with the cape. Anton can also run away, but the cape is gone. Anton hides himself near the tomb under leafs and branches, for not being discovered. In the evening, when the vampires get out of the tomb, he calls Rudiger and explains the whole problem. The vampire is angry because Anton tried to bring the cape back in the daylight. Rudiger explains Anton, the cape doesn't fly anymore, because the flying powder has been washed out, but he doesn't explain what that is. Anton wants home, but Rudiger persuades him to visit a special place with him. At the same time Geiermeier discovers an oil pump near the graveyard...
Rudiger and Anton are on the top of a house, where a few dozens youngsters with long manes and incredible hairstyles have a party. Among them is Lumpi, another vampire. Rudiger is asked to dance, Anton goes home, where his parents already worry. Now there follows a over three-minute scene in which Jim Gray(Lumpi) performs his Theme-Song "They can see in the dark"(the Song is really cool, the scene could have been used as Music-Video in that time). Rudiger flies to Anton, who is already gone to Bed. He opens the window for Rudiger, remembers him of the invitation for tea and they plan to get the vampire cape back. With moving words Rudiger leaves Anton, who has already been asleep as it seems.

5th episode
A Tuesday Geiermeier continues writing the history of his family (short review). Anton sits in his bed and reads a book about Dracula, when Rudiger knocks at the window. He has got a cold, but because they have to get back the stolen vampire cape from Cyril, he took Anna with him. Rudiger says she's very cunning, and leaves the room then, for going back to his casket. Anna brought some flying powder with her, for making the cape flying again, but she also can't explain to Anton, what it is. Both prepare for visiting Cyril at Transylvania-Place 42. Anton is stopped by his mother, who doesn't want him to go out that late. Anton tells her, that he has a date with RĂ¼diger's sister Anna and his mother gives him half an hour to come back. The case now has to be finished as quickly as possible...
It starts at 20.15. Anna flies to the roof and prepares an diversion, Anton goes up to Cyril, who's parents fortunately went out. Diverted by Anna Cyril gives no attention to Anton, who opens the window, through which Anna is shown the hiding place of the cape by Cyril without knowing it. She also sees an nice dress in the room of Udo's little sister. Anton talks to Cyril while Anna collects the cape. Finished!! Anton wants to return to his home, but Cyril recognises the theft and follows him. On the street they nearly beat each other, but a neighbour threatens Cyril to tell his parents of this escapade. Lucky one!!!! Anton is at home punctual, where Anna is already busy with scattering the flying powder on the cape. Anna turns the radio and catches Mrs Bohnensack's attention. She hides herself under the bed, Mrs Bayers comes into the room and recognises the cape, which is already smelling badly. She takes it from the bed and a part of the flying powder falls on the blanket which is now lifting up. Mrs Bayers brings the cape back because she don't wants to wash it another time. Anton and Anna fly to the tomb but Anton stops on a roof and they talk a little bit about their feelings. On the graveyard they escape Geiermeier only scarce. In the tomb, there are only Rudiger and Lumpi. But suddenly Aunt Hildegard returns and Anton has to hide in Rudiger's casket again. After she is gone and Anton is awake again from an unconsciousness, he flies home.
This episode ends when Mrs Bayers hears noises at night and finds Anton sleeping on the washing machine. He washes his bed blanket. In one week Anna and Rudiger are invited for tea.

6th episode
One week later...Rudiger is at Anton's and they quarrel because Rudiger wants to come to tea wearing his normal clothes but Anton wants him to put on old clothes of himself to look more human. These clothes are situated in the cellar (an important place also for the coming story). At the same time Geiermeier is searching proof for the existence of vampires in the library and actually finds an water-colour on which he identifies faces of vampires but he is captured when trying to take it with him. Anton meets Effi on the way to the cellar and she is still really angry at him. She follows him to the cellar. Anna and Rudiger have made themselves comfortable there inside a parked car. In the cellar they rummage in the boxes. Rudiger tries a suit and admires himself in the mirror. Anton can't see him inside there! Anna doesn't find something suitable to wear unfortunately and decides to borrow something somewhere else. She searches in a school inside the wardrobes but doesn't find anything. This and the following scene don't seem to have any use but the music in the background is wonderful! She enters a classroom and writes "Vampire leben" on the blackboard ("In the german version it's really the german words she writes"). A teacher recognises her there, but Anna just passes her and flies down the corridor (the teacher is extremely surprised). Then she remembers the nice dress of Udo's little sister. Fortunately the window is open!
In the mean time Rudiger has put on a shirt and jeans and he's also wearing a sword. Anna flies through the garage and is seen by Effi, who tells Anton's parents at once what she saw. Antons father wants to look for him. When Anna mentions, that Effi saw her, Anton already supposes, what's going to happen so that Anna and Rudiger hide in a car again. Mr Bayers comes with Effi and Mrs Puvogel into the cellar but there's only Anton left and for that reason his father does not believe a single word of the story Effi told. Geiermeier has to deal with a policeman. Of course they don't believe his vampire story but they let him go (and he takes the pictures with him). They try to follow him but Geiermeier has already changed his outfit and goes down to the town band with his instrument. Cyril is out with his dog, which barks at Anton's home and confirms Cyril's supposition that Anton has something to do with the disappeared dress. Tomorrow its the day of the tea party.

7th episode
Mrs Bayers sets the table and Anton helps her. They're waiting for Rudiger and Anna. Both are preparing themselves at the graveyard for the approaching masquerade. Mr Bayers comes home and now their are waiting for the things to happen altogether. Inside the tomb Anna and Rudiger are on their way to Anton, but the other vampires become suspicious. When both are gone they get out of there caskets and decide to follow them. In the mean time Anna and Rudiger arrived at Anton's home and his parents are very surprised when they get a bunch of graveyard-plants and Moss stones. The meal is very difficult for Anton because he has to eat also for his two friends, who cannot consume human food. Besides Rudiger wants to have warm chicken broth! Very strange. Lumpi, uncle Ludwig and aunt Hildegard arrive on the roof and observe them through the roof window! They watch Anna and Rudiger apparently eating human food. When Anton looks up, he is shocked that much that he throws his cup on the floor. He takes Anna and Rudiger to his room to tell them of the unexpected visitors. Rudiger fears that he has to leave the tomb.
Anna and Rudiger are driven home by Mr Bayers and have to knock at an unknown door for getting rid of him. While doing that there are still watched by the other vampires and by Geiermeier, who is just watching very surprised, not moving. In the tomb a hearing takes place. Anna is spared of a punishment because Rudiger takes the responsibility and is being banished from the vault and is taken away his cape until he serves the vampires in an very important way. He has broken the main rule of vampires, not to tell any human that they exist. All vampires including uncle Ludwig start crying when Rudiger leaves the vault.

8th episode
Geiermeier hopes, that this vampire, who can't fly, crosses his way. Anna brings the stolen dress back to Cyril. From the flat she calls Mrs Bayers and thanks her for the invitation. After that Anton's parents leave the flat and Anna knocks at Anton's window and asks him (very firm) to help Rudiger. He has spent the whole day inside a parking car and had left the air out of all tires for safety. He wants to stay in Anton's cellar, but Anton isn't very enthusiastic about it. Against his will he helps to put the casket in the cellar. At the same time Effi sneaks into the flat and searches in Anton's room. Rudiger asks Anton to give him his cape but it has been took away by Effi. Anton enters Effi's flat but she has already washed the vampire cape. He promises Effi to give her some flying powder and then locks her inside his flat. The wet cape doesn't help anything and Rudiger need something to eat by all means. Anna stays with Rudiger, but Anton returns up, where his parents are back in the flat and heard the story from Effi. Anton and Effi are forced to promise that they stop fighting in future. Anton's father wants the key for the cellar back but it has disappeared without a trace. In Anton's room Anna is waiting with the key and offers Anton for another time, to turn him into a vampire and to solve his problems ("just a little bite..."). Anton gives the key back to his father, who asks him to help him building a coat rack and to tidy up the cellar...

9th episode
Geiermeier investigates Anton's home from a near Baseballstadion...
Anton goes away, for getting a copy of the cellar key for Rudiger. He brings him the key in the evening. Rudiger makes clear, that he expects more help from him. Anton leaves the grumpy Rudiger. Being caught of this impression Anton paints a new picture of the little vampire, on which he is looking very, very sad. Anna brings Rudiger something to eat and a cape which makes him feel more happy but he still don't wants to apologise to Anton. Then suddenly Anton's father comes to the cellar and rummages around. Up in the flat Anton gets to know that his father is in the cellar for searching the parts of the wardrobe and rushes down there. Fortunately he has not discovered the vampires. Anton helps him to find all the parts that he needs. Mr Bayers has found a newspaper from former times with a photograph of Anton and Teddy Kaspar disguised as vampires and goes up again. Rudiger starts to a visit of Teddy Kaspar (whose identity has been save until now), he wants to make Anton jealous. Anton has another talk with Anna about the becoming-a-vampire. They argue and Anna leaves him angry. In the mean time Rudiger found Teddy and scares him for getting the letter he is writing at the moment. Mr Bayers builds the coat rack and hits his thumb with the hammer. (there is nothing I can add here)
Geiermeier, who's first name is Johann (perhaps John in English), stands near the vault and makes a speech while uncle Ludwig and Anna watch him. People pay attention to him and an ambulance arrives in which the supposed lunatic is brought. Anna narrates Anton and Rudiger of this incident and announces a surprise to Anton. Anton's father calls him because of a report about Geiermeier on TV. He walks away in front of the cameras without being stopped. They also say that the graveyard should be destroyed for mining oil. That's naturally horror to Anton because he knows that he has to warn his friend. He writes a letter to Teddy and sends him the uncompleted letter stolen by Rudiger as a proof.

10th episode
Anton goes down to the cellar and wants to warn Rudiger. But he doesn't want to hear any bad news because this evening is a special one for vampires. They all join for having the Everything-is-forgiven-party. Rudiger invites Anton but he has to disguise himself as a vampire. In the mean time Mr and Mrs Bayers prepare for going out in the evening. Cyril called them and wants to spend the night there together with Anton. Mrs Bayers of course likes the idea but Mr Bayers is not sure about the decision his wife makes. Anna comes into the cellar and wants to invite Anton to the party, too, but Rudiger has been the first to ask him and for this reason Anna is offended and runs away. When Anton returns to the flat he sees Cyril and his mother explains to him why he is here. The parents leave and Cyril asks Anton how to fly with his self-made vampire cape. He tells him, that starting with this cape is only possible at the graveyard. Both go there but Anton puts on his vampire suit before they leave. At the same time Rudiger prepares himself for the party. At the graveyard, Anton lets Cyril climb on a gravestone so he could be seen while he "tries to fly". Some policeman catch him but Anton can return to his house. From there Anton and Rudiger fly to the Everything-is-forgiven-party which is situated outside the city. Geiermeier also recognised that this night seems to be something special and searches the nightly sky from a helicopter and finds an entrance, which is marked with torches. Anton has to give away his cape because nobody flies on vampire parties, they are just dancing. The only problem is, that Anton can't dance and that is very dangerous on a vampire party, he could attract attention. Anton is renamed into "Thor" because this name fits better to a vampire. Uncle Ludwig makes a speech and then the dancing begins. Anton should dance with Anna, but he stumbles and falls...

11th episode
After Anton got up again, he stands near the wall watching and hopes that he doesn't need to dance. But Anna again tells him, that he will be discovered, if he doesn't. In the mean time all the vampires are dancing through the hall. When it's Anton's turn, he tumbles on the floor. Aunt Hildegard is amazed by this unknown vampire, which seems to be a gypsy and she is fascinated by his somersaults because it has been a tradition from former times. What a luck!! Anna and Anton go into another room of the cave for practising dancing. Rudiger joins them and explains Anton that there's a deep well in the middle of the room, which he can't see because of the darkness. But while searching for it, he falls into it. His make-up is washed away and he has to leave the party as fast as possible. Rudiger gets his cape which is not easy because nobody may leave the party before its end. All his could be hard enough but then aunt Hildegard comes into the cave and searches Thor. Rudiger tells aunt Hildegard that Thor forgot to bring his violin but wants to play something for her. So at least Anton can leave the party but on their way out they meet Geiermeier who has stolen a vampire cape. He threatens to betray Anton when they don't let them go. They both crawl out through a hole and Anton flies home immediately. Geiermeier seems to stay but he has stolen a second cape with which he flies away (even though he's not very good with this) but we don't know where he flies and if he keeps the cape. After he returned Anton watches his parents coming home and goes into his room. Mr and Mrs Bayers find Cyril sleeping in front of the door. He tells them that Anton disappeared, after they the police caught himself.
The flat has been demolished by Cyril's dog while they were away. They nearly begin to worry about Anton when he enters the living room still wearing his vampire suit ...

12th episode
Because the party is over now, Anton must warn his friend because they already started to destroy the graveyard also there are some people demonstrating against this. He wakes him up in the middle of the day and gets the order to warn all habitants of the tomb. Although Anton feels quite strange about this he goes to the tomb where he wakes up all vampires. First uncle Ludwig doesn't want to know anything from him and doesn't let him speak because he supposes a unknown force coming through his words. But after Anna persuades him he gets to know the danger they are in. uncle Ludwig asks Thor (Anton) to rent a ship at the harbour which they can flee on. He gives him a bag of gold for paying the captain. At the harbour Anton quickly finds a drunken man, who owns a little ship. He accepts the gold and the instructions under the condition that he doesn't take somebody onboard after midnight.
Anton tells Rudiger the story but calls his attention to the fact that this night is Halloween and that all people disguise and move through the streets so they won't attract attention in their vampire suits. Rudiger collects Anton and both go down the stairs where they meet Effi. Of course they scare her. In the tomb the vampires wait for Anton but they doubt that it's possible to transport seven caskets in that short time. Lumpi suggests to call his (human) friends to take all the caskets away. Therefore it comes to happen that a group of vampires accompanied by rock-music and a group of punks carrying caskets walk through the streets. Anton distributes paper bags for collecting sweets. On the street Geiermeier sees the strange group and asks a policeman to examine the case. The policeman asks uncle Ludwig to prove that he is no vampire...

13th episode
Anton makes a step forward and shows his wrong teeth to the policeman who is satisfied with that and is more interested in Geiermeier who has already disappeared. They all get to the ship and the caskets are brought onboard. Aunt Hildegard gives Anton a violin as a present for his help. Anton, Anna and Rudiger say Goodbye to each other. Anton would like to know, what flying powder is but Rudiger can't tell this to Anton. After he received another present from Anna that he doesn't open he returns home very depressed. ( wonderful music, which is supporting the atmosphere, sometimes even I was nearly crying). At home sad Anton tells his parents that Anna and Rudiger left the town this evening. He plans to do an Everything-is-forgiven-party tomorrow.
At the harbour all vampires went onboard but suddenly another casket appears. Uncle Ludwig discovers Geiermeier inside this casket and advises him to stop the never-ending hunt which he can never win. He leaves him back and they set sails.
Anton fell asleep at home in the bed still wearing the vampire costume. His parents see him sleeping and his father takes the present into his hands. It seems to fly away! The next day, Teddy Kaspar arrives at the station and Anton has to tell him that Anna and Rudiger moved away. In the evening the Everything-is-forgiven-party takes place at Anton's. Anton recites a part of uncle Ludwig's poem. Then Anton and Teddy go into Anton's room. Anton's parents are trying to play on the violin when they find a piece of paper on the window, that has been brought by Rudiger. He informs them that his new home is only one nightflight away. When Anton opens the present from Anna he finds it to be a glass of flying powder. For proving to Teddy that he didn't lie to him, Anton scatters some of the powder on the blanket which begins to fly immediately. Teddy is of course persuaded but at this point the story has its end.

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