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Hello and welcome to the fansite "The little vampire" - the 1st tv series. I opened this site for remembrance of the maybe best adaption of the "little vampire" stories. It was about 15 years ago when this children-programme became a success because of the big audience all over the world. (For further informations about the founding of this site see Credits) So if you're searching for something special just look carefully through the pages, most of the infos I could get are here. If you can't find an answer, no problem: SEND A MAIL!! Even if you are satisfied with the page, just leave a message in my mailbox, the forum or in the guestbook!!


Happy Halloween

It's Halloween again and that also means the website is getting a year older. We (which means me and all the fans) are in it now for 7 years. It's funny that I still got lots of fans writing to me and asking for the series. Although it has not been on tv for years, it still lives in our hearts.

Bad News

After Norflicks took a very long time for the announced DVD it now seems that the whole project is no longer actively pursued. There is no official statement about this (at least none that I know of) but since requests have not been answered for some time now (as was the usual behaviour most of the time) and nothing happened I suppose they're no longer working on this. :-(

News about Kristofer Kent

Today I received an email from Kristofer Kent, who played Cyril in the series! He was looking for the little vampire on the web and contacted me after he found this site. A recent photo of him can be found here and informations are here.

New layout

As you probably already realized this website got a brand new Look & Feel. But I also put some effort into the upgrades that are not visible at first glance and those are the ones that may need some introduction. You're going to find them in the manual.

Good news:

It's official! Norflicks is going to bring a DVD of the first LV tv series to the (american and canadian) market. Of course there will be the english and french version (german will be missing) but we don't know whether there will be any bonus on the discs.

Important: Recently I keep receiving messages of people asking me whether I could copy the tapes of the series. Because of technical issues and the amount of messages this is just not possible. Please understand that I won't make any exceptions from this because that wouldn't be fair for the rest. You may try to find someone using our board...

FORUM UPDATE: There is now a forum available (under the menu on the left) which is hosted by Andy, webmaster of http://www.gruft-der-vampire.de and myself. The forum is split into different sections and there is one for all the english speaking fans. If you have any questions about the little vampire (the series, the book or the movie) please go to the forum.

I still have big problems to get infos about the actors itself because I could not contact most of them yet and do not know what they're doing at the moment. So if you can help me out with articles, press materials or stuff like that or if you know one of them or someone in Kanada (especially Edmonton), who would be able to help P L E A S E send me an E-Mail to littlevampire@yodahome.de

You'd probably like to visit my other websites under www.yodahome.de

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