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Until now I only know that he was born at 23 November 1917 in Malaya (what is Malaysia today) and will be 83 years old this year (2000). He also played in other vampire and horror movies in former times like e.g. 1958 in "Dracula" or "Horror of the black museum", 1959. I personately just saw it for the first time during my searches, that he played in every Batman movie ("Batman", "Batman's return", "Batman forever" und "Batman and Robin") the role of Alfred Pennyworth (Batman's Butler) and that's surprising because they're some of my favourite movies (at least the first three, I didn't watch the fourth one yet). Last year he could be seen in "Sleepy Hollow" as notary James Hardenbrook. In one episode of "Young Indiana Jones travels with father" he also played Leo Tolstoy in 1996.
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