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Marsha Moreau (born in Niagara on the Lake/Ontario/Kanada -at the waterfalls-) started her short career as an actress in 1986 with some tv productions of NBC & HBO among them the tv movie "Jim Henson's The Christmas Toy" and shortly after this "The little vampire" followed. Quotation from the press informations about the little vampire:<br>
"Marsha has been the most professional little actress of all and surprised the crew during the breaks with improvised self-invented small scenes from time to time."
Her most productive year had been '87 with "Prettykill", "The liberators" and "Mama's going to buy you a Mockingbird" as well as a guest appearance in the tv show "Friday the 13th". In the following three years she could be seen in "Blue Monkey" (1987) and the tv show "My secret identity" (1988). 1989 she synchronised Flora in "Barbar:The Movie" (an animated movie with the so named elephant). One of the most popular movies, in which she acts together with her brother Nathaniel Moreau, had been "The last Winter" (1990). In the last ten years she was not present in press or media and I assume that she has not made any more movies or tv shows.
But due to some recent news I believe Marsha Moreau now works at the customer service of Air Canada in Toronto. A very lovely fan told me that he met her there and even asked her about the role. I have found her name on some websites of Air Canada, so I think this is true. But up to now I couldn't establish contact to her.

If YOU, who reads this now, know a way to contact Marsha Moreau, it would be very kind if you could drop me a line!

Some of the informations are taken from the Internet Movie Database under www.imdb.com.
Further informations are taken from the fanbook "The little vampire", which was available through the fanclub "They can see in the dark" (siehe links) but is no longer.
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