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My informations say that the series has been shot in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I don't know where in detail and in which studio but I really try to figure it out. One thing that is sure, is that the graveyard in the series was only a set and did/does not exist in reality also it looked very real to me (respect!). The most scenes were surpirsingly shot in a studio and a rebuild warehouse, the flying scenes were shot in front of the so-called bluebox. That's a very famous movie technique, where the person(s) is(are) filmed in front of a totally blue background, which may later be replaced by a movie clip. Today this technique is that good, that you nearly can't see if the background had been really there, but in the tv series you can see it during movements, that the background has been put in. Moreover most of the borders are not clean, what made a special impression to me when I watched it but I never considered it to be unrealistic. I'm still looking for photos of the (few) original locations in and around Edmonton, Canada. If you actually have pictures of those, please mail me!

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