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Kristofer Kent, who played the part of Cyril Shafer, Anton's strange friend, was involved in other projects as a child actor. He worked on the radio show "Unconscious" for CBC and also played a part in "Peter Pan" at the Citadel theatre in Edmonton, where he got to know Joel Dacks prior to their work on "The little vampire". They had already been friends before the shooting in 1986. As an extra he was also involved in "Cowboys don't cry" and "Bye bye Blues" both of which were shot in Edmonton.
Kristofer then went on to study at the University of Alberta where he received his degree in Education. For over ten years he now lives in Japan where he works as a teacher for English in a high school near Tokio.

About the shooting he said: "I think for most of the young actors doing the show was like a kind of summer camp. We hung out together between shooting and just did what any other normal kids did at the time."
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