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John Mills-Cockell is a canadian composer who was already fascinated by electronic music in a very young age. This experience should be very important for his later work. He studied electronic music and during his course about that subject at the royal conservatorium in Toronto he got to know three artists (Michael Hayden, Blake Parker and drummer Alan Wells) of which two founded the multimedia group Intersystems with him. Later John and Alan came together in the first Electronic-Pop bands which they called "Syrinx". At this time (1966-1972) he made music for different projects of canadian theatres and artist groups as well as for movies of the National Film Boards and the tv-series "Here come the 70's".

1972 John moved to England where he lived for three years and recorded his first solo-album called "Heartbeat" and composed music for the series "A third Testament".
Since he returnded to Canada he very successfully made music for some different media (as e.g. 1985 for the "little vampire"). 1994 he moved to Vancouver and still lives there on Vancouver Island. His actual project takes very much of his time, it's kind of a big performance with synthesizer, percussion, vocals and video.

John has countless musical influences like e.g. John Cage, Thelonious Monk, Karlheinz Stockhausen (new music beginning of the 20th century, serial music), Jimi Hendrix, Suzanne Vega, Miles Davis, Steve Reich, Laurie Anderson, Bob Dylan, Bessy Smith, Claude Debussy, Edgard Varese to name a few.

The informations were taken from the official website of John Mills-Cockell (under links).
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