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In 1986 he made a big impression to the children and teenagers and his talent for acting may not be despised, at last he was discovered during a great search for actors in whole Canada. We know to day that this was right because he embodied the character of the "little vampire" in a way which did not occur again until today. Even Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, who worte the books of the "little vampire" says that Joel has been the best actor to play that role yet. In Germany (and may be elsewhere too) he was kind of a pop star.
Today Joel doesn't work as an actor anymore, he studied and is now solving problems of genetics and biology but still he would take HIS role again in an (impossible because unlogical) sequal.

The site you enter by clicking this link is not part of www.yodahome.de/littlevampire! In fact it is the website of the official fanclub for the little vampire with the URL http://www.gruft-der-vampire.de made by Andy Winkler. The Interview was made by E-Mail with Joel Dacks. It is located in the main menu under Darsteller -> Joel Dacks (1. Serie). (Everything is written in german and the interview is translated) If you have any questions please send them to him, he will forward everything to Joel Dacks. Direct contact with Joel Dacks is impossible, because Mr. Dacks had some problems (as he describes in the interview)! Please do not send me any E-Mails about that.
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