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One of the most interesting but also most unreachable members of the team is Jim Gray. One could think that he should have had other popular songs, after he sang the title song, but it seemed that there are none at last I couldn't find them on the web. But I found out that he togther with his Band "Dark Room" did release two albums in Canada. The Soundtrack from the "little vampire" was not released at all (a big mistake in my opinion) excepted the title song as played in episode 4 which found it's way onto a compilation (see "background info"). He played in another movie (tv) before "the little vampire" was made which was "Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star" in 1986. 1992 he could be seen in the "Larry Sanders Show" playing himself and in the same year he was on screen in "Nervous Ticks". The last project with him (that I found) has been in 1996 a movie named "Diamonds in the rough". The only program from his list that I ever heard of apart from "the little vampire" is the dubious children TV series "Power Rangers" where he had a little role. Also known from "the little vampire" the band "Dark Room" was Jim Gray's band at that time and existed until 1988.

The last (but very significant) sign of life of Jim Gray could be extracted from an internet article that was send to me by a fan. (http://jam.canoe.ca/Music/2005/03/24/971246-sun.html∞) It explains that Jim ist moving to Great Britain with his girl friends and therefore all his former mates in Edmonton wanted to say goodbye to him.
If you still have material (e.g. press stuff) or anything else interesting about Jim Gray it would be great if you send it to me.

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ATTENTION: If you're looking for the theme song (sung by Jim Gray), then you'll find more infos about that here under Music.
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