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The graveyard seems to be quite usual - the only strange thing are some peculiar inhabitants on god's field, who, in contrast to the other people here, are still moving, although they are dead. Under one of the countless graves there is the vault of the vampires, who found refuge here together with there caskets. Anna, Ruediger, Lumpi, aunt Hildegard and uncle Ludwig sleep here over the day and leave as soon as it is getting dark, for getting something to eat and even spend some time on there special "hobbies". The graveyard consists of a new and an old part and apart from that oil has been found near the yard. Under circumstances it would be possible that the graveyard has to move away in the near future for making it possible to get the oil under it. There's also a new graveyard guard, who just started working there and lives in a house directly at the graveyard...

Safely hidden from the people, Anton is the first human to get to see the vault. He and Anna jump around on the graves, Geiermeier knocks on all the stones for recovering the vampires and at the end there are really the bulldozers driving over the yard. All this should convince us that this graveyard cannot be real but in spite of it I was (and I think many of you were as well) sure that this whole set was too realistic for being shot inside a room. But still: The complete graveyard including the vault and graves, crosses and trees were build up inside a huge warehouse and nothing of it did ever really exist. I found out, when I was watching the scenes very closely, that e.g. the lights seemed perhaps a bit artificial, but apart from this that setting looked very real to me. The horrible-nice vault and the strong darkness Dunkelheit cause (still even to me) a very realistic background for the histories "around the vault"...

The Graveyard

The Vault

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