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Gert Fröbe (as he is spelled in german) was born on Tuesday, 25. February 1913 in Planitz near Zwickau in Germany and became one of the minor german actors who managed to be honored all around the world in there life. He surprisingly started his career as set builder and made a apprenticeship as set painter at the city theatre in Dresden. Education as an actor is given to him by Erich Ponto in Dresden and later by Paul Günther in Berlin. First he plays in theatres all over Germany until the war makes this impossible and he can be seen on replacement stages and in lazaretts. 1947 he performs together with Karl Valentin in Munich's "Simpl". 1950 he is part of the successful program "Schwarzer Markt" by Günther Neumann and is on tour through Germany.

At the beginning he only plays little roles in the cinema but international productions soon belong to his offers. Fröbe plays e.g. the detective Eduard Linkers in "Mr Satan personally" (1955) by Orson Welles. In the coming economy-wonder in Germany Gert Fröbe was a symbolfigure not only because of his body volume.

He played in over one hundred movies nearly just as many different characters. Serious roles like the murderer Schrott in Ladislav Vajdas' "Es geschah am hellichten Tag" and the general-secretarian Bruster in Rolf Thiele's Nitribitt-Movie "Das Mädchen Rosemarie" or funny people like Oberst von Holstein in Ken Annakins "Die tollkühnen Männer in ihren fliegenden Kisten" (1965) and like the children-hating bad guy Baron Bomburst in Ken Hughes "Tschitti Tschitti Bäng Bäng" (1968). He is familiar to many people because of his role as Räuber Hotzenplotz in the so-named movie of 1974 or his performance in the James Bond-Movie "Goldfinger". From 1974 until '79 he was on stage regularly under the motto "Free by chance" at the "Lach- und Schiedgesellschaft" of Munich.

In the last years of his life he often was on television e.g. in the "Schwarzwaldklinik". 1985 he then played Johann Geiermeier, who is so familiar to us, in the "little vampire" and also in this role he unfolds his very unique way when he e.g. is part of the town band which has been on the series. Fortunately he sychronized himself in the german version because his voice really fits wonderful and is characteristic for his person.

Unfortunately this significant german actor died on 5. September 1988 in Munich because of an heart attack.
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