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Johann Geiermeier is actually the bad guy. While searching for vampires he travels all over the world and follows them to remoted places. His aim is to "kill" all vampires and to lead them back to the sleep of the dead people. He already has long experiences of his work and for this reason he has got many possibilities to disguise and hide in emergency. He regularly eats garlic and protects his house with it. After he arrived in the city he takes a job as cemetry attendant and searches there night after night. Soon he attracts attention to the police when he tries to steal an old pictures from the library. He catches Anton at the graveyard with the vampire cape and hopes that he discovers the vampires on this way. After an open monolog with the vampires at the graveyard did not help in any way, he observes the nightly sky and discovers the location of the Everything-is-forgiven-party. There he is discovered by RĂ¼giger, but he can get away with a vampire cape. Chased by nearly everybody he doesn't mangage with direct contact to the vampires to persuade a policeman of there existence. At the end he has to watch while his life task sails away forever. Like RĂ¼diger, Geiermeier has a kind of tragic development through the whole series.
Actually you musst commiserate him because he has a certain distance to other humans not believing in the existence of vampires because of his obsession.

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