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The Living Room
Anton's Room
The Dining Room
The Bathroom
The Kitchen
At Perkins'

In The Cellar

Family Bayers lives on top of an apartment house... like many other families in other big cities, nothing special at least, even Mr Bayers as to admit when he shows the apartment to Ruediger...
To Anton the house is luck inside misfortune: Here he gets to know Ruediger, who flew through his window one day, but on the other hand he is pursued not only by his own parents but also by his neighbours, especially by Effi Perkins. Week after week Ruediger and later even Anna meets with Anton here. imageWhen his parents recognise Anton's new friends and invite them for tea, the dining room is the stage for this strange teaparty. It is here where Ruediger is caught by the other vampires and is even banished from the vault. In the cellar Anton hides his friend until he has to move elsewhere finally. And last but not least the big party at the end takes place in the apartment of the Bayers.

As I mentioned before about 99% of the shooting was made inside the studios and especially this/these set(s) had been build there surely, but they were so complete, that one could nearly think, the scenes were shot inside a real apartment. But there were also scenes shot from the outside, where in detail is unclear at the moment (somewhere in Edmonton!?).

The Living Room

Antons Zimmer
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The Bathroom
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The Dining Room
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The Kitchen
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Perkins' apartement
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The Cellar And The Garage
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