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Here you will find some backgrounds for your Graphical User Interface that supports background images in JPG-format. If it does not support the format you may of course convert the picture e.g. into a BMP. Note: Right now there's only one image available. If you want special scenes or special compositions of pics just tell me about it, perhaps I can manage it to put that together.


The animated banner

After I planned it for a long time it's now ready as well... the banner for my site. It contains 71 kb of data and so it'll be loaded quite fast through any connection. If you want to exchange banners with me, just send me a E-mail with your banner/link and download my banner. Of course your site's theme should be something like tv shows, vampires or things like that.



Here you'll find some sounds and music from the series (if I manage to get some and to present it LEGAL) which you may download. For the beginning there is the SCREAM-Sound, which was played before the title song in in every episode.


Video excerpts

Here i put the original video of "They can see in the dark" as it is played in the fourth episode. There is a small and a large version of it. The quality is reduced because of the compression but I think it's quite good for the size. Attention: To watch the files you need to install the DivX Codec along with an MP3 codec.

The length of both files is 3:39.

In fact I do not have the right to offer those video-files on the Internet (I tried to contact the responsible people, but didn't get an answer). If anybody feels that his copyright is violated by this offer, I'm ready to delete the files as fast as possible, I didn't want to break the law. But on the other hand I think it's a great way epecially for english and canadian fans who can't watch the series on TV because there are no re-runs to have a bit of the feeling again.

Die kleine Version
192x144 pixel
5.19 MB
Die gro├če Version
384x288 pixel
7.79 MB
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