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Christopher Stanton had been 10 years old when he made "The little vampire" and so must be born somewhere around 1975. I guess he lived/lives? in Edmonton because he visited school there and had taken part in the drama club which brought him to the whole thing at last. During the whole work at the set Christopher knew the whole text and sometimes gave other actors/actresses their keywords.
When I searched the IMDb for Christopher Stanton, he was only mentioned in combination with the little vampire, so I suppose he didn't make any other movies or tv shows. In a list of canadian actors his name was mentioned as well but maybe it's not the same person.

Some time ago a website appeared, where you could find a photo of Christopher Stanton. The site was about the Unspun Theatre and their new piece "Panhandled", which was directed by Christopher Stanton. The stuff vanished but there a new website at http://www.unspuntheatre.com (still under construction) where they have re-established informations and some really great pictures in the gallery. With comparing photos of the young and the grown up Christopher they show strong similarities but unfortuneately I could not contact anyone there (my mails seem to be ignored) to assure that he is the right one.
I'll continue to search for more information but IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING THAT MIGHT HELP ME (EVEN IF IT SEEMS UNIMPORTANT) PLEASE!!! SEND ME A MAIL!! Maybe you even saw Christopher Stanton in one of his more current plays.
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