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Anton has always been different from other children because he invented mysterious stories and was very interested in vampires and other fable beings. Recently his best friend Teddy Kaspar moved away and because of that Anton is very isolated. His life though changes in an unexspected way when one evening the little vampire Rudiger flies through his window and an incredible adventure begins. Rudiger invites the shy Anton into his tomb, introduces his family to him, makes it possible for him to fly and takes him into serious explanation problems concerning his parents. When he invites Rudiger for tea, the vampire gets really big problems because he is being banished form the tomb by the other vampires and lives in the cellar at Anton's. With Rudiger's sister Anna Anton has a very special relation because she is very interested in transforming him into a vampire and they often argue about it. But when Anton recognises in which danger the vampires are he overcomes himself and rescues not only Rudiger but also his whole family. Unfortunately that's also the reason why they need to move away and Anton loses two very good friends although they will see each other again.

Unfortuneately I do not have any english sources about the series, so I don't know anything apart from things other fans told me (in chats and mails etc.). So if anything is named wrong please tell me. And if you can help me to get in touch with this or any other actor, crew member or helpful person P L E A S E contact me as well.

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