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Anna is the sister of RĂ¼diger and a bit younger than her brother. She doesn't seem to be a vampire for a very long time because she's still drinking milk and nourishes not like alle the other vampires of blood. Because she's is the joungest vampire, she's very depreciated by the others, above all by her brother. She is very sly and also tries, to step into the foreground. Anna has a very romantic vein and obviously also a special interest in Anton. She would like most to transform him into a vampire but she would never do this without Antons permission. Also she's quite verspielt ist she can get very serious and nearly hysteric, if she has the feeling that she's not taken seriously. She is at her brother side when he is banned from the vault and helps him where she can. Anna is the one who persudades uncle Theodor to trust Anton , when he wants to warn them. When Anna and RĂ¼diger part she donates him a glass flying powder and that should be enough proof for her affection.

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