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Jack is a young man(around 20 years or younger when we meet him first), who moved away from the city when he was quite young and thus grew up in the 'crop circles' pretty much outside the city, where his family owns an almost antique farm and still provides natural food production by growing plants and they even have some animals. But Jack is more into the city and we meet him the first day he is to attend college in the city where he actually should learn the agricultural and chemical knowledge to work on the farm later. What actually happens is that he meets Leech one day in the library and he is the one who introduces the world of computers to him. Computers are there and they are easy to use but like most things in this world nobody really knows (or even wants to know) how it's working. Jack recognizes that this is the ultimate world for him and constantly keeps on learning thus becoming what is commonly called a computer hacker. His Mentor Leech then introduces him to a friend at the CSB, a hacker community that is based on an philosophical interpretation of the usage of machines by mankind and that has been developed into a strong religious-like group. Father Tecks is one of the founders of that group and he sees the potential of Jack.
Jack will finally accompany Tecks when he leaves the upper city to research an event I haven't come up with yet but they will come to know of an serious danger for all hackers and all the other people and that will force them to go on an even greater search and leaving the city. Together with Tecks Jack will somehow find the way to a hidden place, a small paradise in-midst the polluted and disturbed planet surface where scientists they were actually looking for semmed to have established a whole new biosphere. There Jack meets Tridia and they fall in love but when Jack and Tecks have to leave, she can't go with them.

Jack will finally get a chance to help Tridia to escape from a prison she doesn't know she is surrounded by. Jack is also to become a famous hacker for writing down his adventures and the collected knowledge of the hackers before him in a compendium to be a central work for future hackerdom which will be called "Hacker's Guide (to the future)".

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