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Inside a rotten building… “Leech, where the hell are we.” For two hours they have been wandering around in what most citizens only know by the term “rotten core”. Most people have never been there or seen pictures of it. It’s simply what was formerly known as the inner city and, well, if you could go about 600-700 meters straight up, you would get what you expected. But down here, on the plain ground, this area is completely shut up from the world. That is of course more then useless because nobody with the slightest will to survive would come here voluntarily. All the old buildings have been ready for a long time to collapse immediately at the slightest unpredictable movement that may occur. Any human being down here between those over two-hundred years old ruins of 20th-Century skyscrapers has to be more than careful not to give any building a reason to end it’s poor existence as a symbol for this ancient construction style, “to die as a kind of [Märtyrer] for the historical failure mankind again has proven to be”, as Leech would possibly describe it which simply means that better you watch every step you make down here if you don’t want to become one with the dust. We wandered over hills of former houses, there must have been streets here some time ago, but those were barely see-able and apart from that they couldn’t lead you anywhere but to more dust and rubble.

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