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Since his earliest memories Tecks was a very thoughtful person. As a child he quickly learned how important discipline was to adults and unlike most of the kids he didn’t run around screaming and making noise so that the adults had to tell him to shut up. He never talked while other people were talking and when there were big celebrations in his family (they had several main events during the year like birthdays, Christmas and so on) he just sat on his chair at the table, he didn’t say or do anything except if he was asked to. It was no wonder that he kept getting more and more quiet and that he started thinking when he was forced to sit there and do nothing. He developed a vivid fantasy and created whole new worlds, characters and invented stories about them. At this time when he was 7 or 8 years old his parents were proud of him, because they literary had no trouble with him. His parents could easily afford it so he went to school and then attended “tech” university with 17 years. That was the time he started to think about certain aspects of his life. While he originally just wanted to study Computer Programming he started to get into philosophy in addition to that. He still invented stories but he realised that he more and more based those stories on the real world. He changed very much during the following year and his efforts concerning his main courses started to shrink. Although he was quite interested in most of the subjects he began to doubt some of those. And for that reason he failed one course after another while he expanded his knowledge about philosophy and religion. That was quite a problem for his parents who had paid for his studies and now had to see their son failing.

Tecks developed a tremendous understanding for computers and for that reason he developed a philosophy involving those machines. He already knew at that time that computers would be the main entrance to a world empowered by pure information. He knew that knowledge would spread through networks, that the worth of certain information would grow and that it would be important for any human being to have access to that network. He also imagined that the worth of a human being could easily estimated by the amount of information he was able to contribute to the system. That’s why he became one of the first hackers doing their work because they wanted to keep up some kind of equality between people with information and those without. They collected every information they could gather and offered it to everybody who wanted to see them. And soon they became something like a modern Robin Hood Clan which means they took information from where there were many and gave them where they were needed. And they did everything to get to the information which meant to break into secure computer networks in most cases. He then had to leave university because he continiously missed courses and did not write the necessary tests. He was much too busy with learning about all the philosophic aspects established by all the popular philosophers of the last 3000 years: Plato, Aristotle, Confuzius, Seneca, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, Kant and a lot more. He didn't stop hacking though, he just kept asking himself why he was doing all this and if it would help him to find his ultimate sense in life. He also helped to improve lots of the meta-aspects of hacking, the whole life-style that hackers had established over the years with the Jargon File, Hacker-Ethics and other projects defining the hacker community. Tecks was the first to develop ideas of a whole new world where information was freely available to everybody. He believes that once everybody has equal chances to get the knowledge he needs all the borders people have established in their heads concerning races, whealth or social status might lose their importance as time goes by. He found many hackers to work with him for this goal and during the great break-down when the whole world reconstituted itself they influenced a whole new generation of hackers. That were the years where hackerdom developed the spritual base that lead to new kinds of religious thinking involving classic "hacker ?". While the overall ethics and morale went down the drain hackers established a community that seemed to offer an alternative way of life.

Ich glaube Tecks sollte ein bißchen sein wie Kierkegaard. Er ist jemand, der seine Existenz konstant hinterfragt, der einen Sinn im Leben sucht und zumindest partiell diesen Sinn im Hackermilieu (nicht abwertent) gefunden hat. Er sucht nicht nach einem System und will sich eine Theorie entwerfen, die dann zwar gut ineinander greifen und plausibel sind aber dabei vollkommen unpraktikabel sondern er sucht die philosophischen Aspekte, die sein Leben bestimmen und die ihn ganz direkt und unmittelbar beeinflussen. Hierzu ein Zitat von Kierkegaard: [Die meisten Systemphilosophen]" ... sind wie ein Mann, der ein ungeheures Schloss baut und selbst daneben in einer Scheune wohnt." Ein bißchen wie ich, aber ein wenig von mir steckt wohl in allen Charakteren ;-)

Update: It might be a good idea to take the IntegralApproach (IntergralPhilosophy) for Tecks' kind of philosophy.

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