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"Corp10" is a concil that consists of 20 representatives of each of the 10 biggest corporations currently existing. It's been founded originally to come up with solutions to the ever increasing danger of environmental destruction. However, when the earth government was put in place the council became the hidden centre of politics and decision-making. This is however not obvious because Corp10 is no longer an official group. They don't control the government directly but through a variety of subtle Lobbyists and through paying most people of the staff. But controlling the government is unnecessary most of the time since decision they make don't matter anymore. Social life, culture and the people are much more dependent on the big companies anyhow so that the cooperation of those big players is like a new kind of government with much more power which they of course try to hide from everybody. That's why free information media and especially hackers are dangerous to the Corp10: If they could come up with proof that there is this connection between those companies which to the public seem to be competitors it could lead to instability in the system.

By now they recruted thousands of black-hats to profile the actions of free hackers and expecially the CSB which has grown to a powerful independent community. They try to keep them busy with network attacks and by fighting an on-line war. That should keep them away from the numerous mainframes.

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