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You may not access all the content if you are not registered to this wiki. Please create an account in order to have full access but do so AFTER you read the rules on our deviantart page. After creating an account you can create a user page and THIS is where requests should go.

Hi, this is the Wiki of Authors Guild. This is the place where our members may work together on stories and exchange requests. We're basically doing three things:

See our ClubMembers. And our ClubProjects. If you're unsure which artists to ask try an OpenRequest. And of course you can share your ProjectIdeas with us, too.

Help regarding the usage of the Wiki is here. Note that you can set rights for every individual page (that means by whom it can be written, read and commented) with the "edit acl" link the the bottom of every page. You should be able to edit any page (if your're allowed to) by double-clicking the page.

Page titles must be WikiNames which means they must have CamelCase (please don't click any of these last two Links). You can force Links as explained in the FormattingRules but it's more convenient to just use WikiNames. If you register a username this name should be a WikiName, too. And it should refer to your Deviantart username. Every new writer project should create an own root page AFTER sending me a note.

If any problems occur please mail me: yodahome@gmail.com or comment to my page.

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